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Draganfly Search
& Rescue Drone

The Draganfly Search & Rescue Drone (SRD) is a high-endurance, multirotor small unmanned aerial system (sUAS).

During active emergency, medical and disaster response situations, our drone can thoroughly map specific areas, locate survivors and provide critical life saving information before ground crews arrive.

Response Times

Situational Awareness

Overall Efficiency

Response Times

Situational Awareness

Overall Efficiency


For more than two decades, Draganfly has developed effective and sustainable drone solutions that improve public safety. Our Search & Rescue Drone is designed in North America to ensure the integrity of our hardware and the security of your data.

Flight Time

Dual battery system improves flight times and safety.


High-resolution RGB and thermal infrared sensors.

Accurate Data

Available with optional PPK/RTK-enabled GPS system and base station.


Simultaneous dual video streams from FLIR and E/O cameras with a network featuring 128bit AES Encrypted as well as WPA2-CCMP.


North American-built flight controllers, sensors and radios.


MavLink-based flight planning software supports fully- and semi-automated missions as well as manual operations.

Use Cases


Public Events

Mapping & Surveying
Emergency Areas


Initial Patient

Disaster Response
& Assessment

Following our humanitarian efforts to support those affected by the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, orders for the Search & Rescue and Medical Response Drones are expected to ship in Q4.

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Work With Draganfly On The Perfect Solution

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Tim Dunnigan


Tim Dunnigan is a thought leader and serial entrepreneur who served 22-years in the U.S. Army as a Soldier, NCO, and Commissioned Officer where he filled a myriad of dynamic leadership roles and global assignments, including three combat tours of duty. His 20-years of entrepreneurial success is guided by transformational ideas and ventures in technology, innovation, and education. Tim is the CEO & Founder at CaptureTec, LLC – a Center for Verification and Evaluation Certified, Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (CVE SDVOSB) focused on leadership consultation, systems integration, and solutions that provide data capture for infrastructure assets using aerial, static, and mobile scanning technologies. As the COO and Co-founder at Talon Aerolytics, Tim architected the nation’s largest aerial drone services provider from inception to all 50 states serving clients including AT&T, Nokia, T-Mobile, Ericsson, and Verizon. As the CEO & Founder at Strategic Integration (CVE SDVOSB), Tim developed the CTED (Create, Test, Educate, Deploy) turnkey business model for defense consulting and technology integration, while serving America’s interests abroad through multiple U.S. DoD classified hardware and software contracts in the U.S. and overseas. Additionally, Tim is the Founder of Innovalearn, where he created education content for clients including Aflac, Synovus, Subway, and Cox Communications; the Founder of iK9 (CVE SDVOSB), where he co-authored the Veterans Administration (VA) training protocols for service dogs for Veterans with PTSD; and the Co-founder of GameLink Lounge, where he architected innovative entertainment concepts for Service Members and their families on Military installations across the U.S.

Tim is also the Founder of the I’m a Hero Too Foundation [501(c)(3)] and a children’s book author. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development, a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership and Management, and has completed 2-years of PhD studies in Adult Education at Auburn University. Tim’s been awarded 6 patents and currently has two patents pending on an aerial drone delivery system he developed to fill capability gaps he witnessed during his multiple trips to Ukraine.

The Future of Drone Surveillance


Short–range drone surveillance has experienced significant attention thanks to its low cost and efficiency. Long-range drone surveillance beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) is now on the horizon and is set to amplify cost savings regarding resources and time spent on data collection.
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The Future of Drone Delivery


Demand for drone hardware and services has never been greater. From emergency medical deliveries to agricultural management; community, government, and corporate drone usage is expected to see enormous growth up to and beyond 2028.